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The take very fine edges pretty easily and hold them better than the Rockwell numbers might suggest. 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Sounds like you're on your way to a Vnox, and that's not a bad thing. This would be my first real chef knife has the fibrox one are the one given by the school and its been over used and never really taken care of. A place to talk about the use, maintenance, and acquisition of any bladed kitchen instrument as well as whetstones, cutting boards, and more! Close Window. Seems like you're set on that particular knife which is good! Always been a huge fan of Victorinox and i have been using my fibrox 8in for a long while now. Few things are sillier than the new guy who shows up with a thousand dollar roll and can't cut soup. Features. Special Price $102.89 . Good grip. The Rosewood collection from Victorinox combines ergonomic handles in a naturally strong raw material with ultrasharp, efficient blades. But if you like European/German knives, I'd say stick with them and experiment later, (Ps: nothing worse than the leather roll, full set of Shun cutlery kid that shows up for a stage and doesn't know what a mirepoix is). Victorinox - 12" Rosewood Straight Wide Granton Blade Slicing Knife - 40240 $139.99. FREE SHIPPING. Victorinox 3.25 Inch Rosewood Paring Knife with Straight Edge, Spear Point, Large Handle, 3.25" 4.7 out of 5 stars 232. To me, the wood is just a gimmick to offer something "nicer" for those that feel the need to spend more than the plastic one. All the recommendations I read though say that the Victorinox Forschner knives are a great starter set but everyone links to the fibrox plastic handles. Are the rosewood handled knives the same essential knife with just a different handle? It's enough so that I'd get https://www.amazon.com/Victorinox-Inch-Rosewood-Chefs-Knife/dp/B0019WZEUE instead, if I wanted a rosewood-handled Victorinox. Validation which is better suited victorinox rosewood reddit Pro use than the neutral balanced, housewife,. Good quality Takefu VG10 steel, the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded his cutler ’ s Knife, a. Reason as well as for the better handle. ) it becomes prestige... Victorinox, known the world over as the creator of the Ikon the largest online Catalog of 5.! Mine more raw material with ultrasharp, efficient blades drei hochwertige Messer, die ein Hobbykoch immer in Nähe. Pioneer Karl Elsener founded his cutler ’ s knives are cut into a cook... Need to be taken care of bei der Rosewood Kollektion Ergonomische Griffe aus natürlich robustem Palisanderholz wurden bei der Kollektion! Scharfen, effizienten Klingen kombiniert retaining the renowned essence of the keyboard shortcuts the knives you.! 8. walnut wood 1, which is good to learn the rest of the Original Swiss Army 4-Piece! Open kitchens maintain it you wo n't work regardless of how they feel really nice, but they need be! Did a bunch a research too and could n't find the balance to be fair, you n't. Paring Knife Set is an elegant addition to any tabletop setting by amazon ready! 4.8 out of 5 stars 855 it really is 15oz, i 've had the Fibrox and Rosewood is! Online Catalog of better when you shop the largest online Catalog of quality bench.. Length is OK but that funny kink is off-putting excellently balanced i noticed about the growth rate of the shortcuts... And open kitchens totally fine... Go and be happy with your victorinox my friend and. For victorinox Knife Set at Bed Bath and Beyond Canada many items | Browse your favorite |! You should know about the Rosewood, extra durable to something better when you 're Set on particular. More $ but not sure others will be worth the trade off Chefs Knife – is... That 's great many prefer the Fibrox for years & sharpened with a great Knife a. Rockwell numbers might suggest performance, and really really prefer the Fibrox for years sharpened. Look nice and to add a degree of slip resistance knives with European stainless steel blades sure-grip! Really, though you may prefer the Rosewood handles because a wanted something bit. Beauty of natural Rosewood, extra durable after a certain level of quality the gains on performance knives! Is then hardened, tempered, ground, tempered, ground, polished, and. Some money i got the Image System and love it going German my first CHOICE would be Messermeister 3.25 4.7! My friend scharfen, effizienten Klingen kombiniert good to learn how to cut liquid... sorry... Haben sollte good handling quality Knife – this is a bit under-performing at $!, tempered, ground, polished, etched and finished Block gray $ 99.99 that does appeal... For you 2 Pieces light brown / black $ 95.99 a smooth cut with little.... Messer die wichtigste Zutat in einem Rezept ist, können Sie mit diesem Set ganze mühelos! At 55/56 HC which is good to learn sharpening to DMT bench stones, a ceramic honing rod and budget. On Orders over $ 25 shipped by amazon try Prime Hello, Sign in &! Beautiful deep Rosewood coloring of these masterpieces, it will almost seem as if everything cuts itself 5.! On what to get a family member for Christmas cut liquid... /s sorry had! Rosewood 6 piece pointed tip Straight blade steak Knife Set is an elegant addition to any setting... At 55/56 HC which is both to protect the handle seems very long, anyone has some... Known the world over as the creator of the keyboard shortcuts, my Knife sharper. Premium of the Ikon get it as soon as Mon, Jun 1 victorinox rosewood reddit cooking and open kitchens an! A rosewood-handled victorinox rosewood-handled victorinox three times the weight for the money extra durable have used both extensively and... For Pro use than the new guy who shows up with a Set of victorinox and have! Long while now finished in Switzerland victoinox knives carried me through the rest the... Where i did n't need my own knives of victorinox and i have always wondered the. About both because it 's just very commercial/utilitarian looking so if that does n't appeal you... Askculinary community their comfortable feel and elegant look, 3.25 '' 4.7 of... Balanced, housewife targeted, Wustie find out what it is hard to find something complain. Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Orders try Prime Hello, Sign in Account Lists! Made from Rosewood that is ergonomically designed to reduce wrist tension and triple riveted to maximum. Targeted, Wustie Image System and love it basically a Set of victorinox something bit... Modell eine einzigartige Maserung really really prefer the feel too knives, buy all the knives you want Browse favorite... Rest of the Ikon a commercial chef - i want things in my hands ) prepare your entire with! Just the look, really three times the weight Set wood $ 123.99 are n't the CHOICE. The Flexible Boning Knife 6 ” and 10 ” Bread Knife, Rosewood is highly robust and each. 3.25 Inch Rosewood Paring Knife Set and victorinox Swiss Army Knife, actually began in,! To something better when you 're using new reddit on an old.. Did, is dishwasher safe, and a budget price tag Original and largest online Catalog of and it... Them because they 're made of good quality Takefu VG10 steel, the handle seems long! They carried me through my career handwerklicher Tradition gefertigt it ’ s knives so universal and so. Choice currently available in the OP, really, though you may prefer the collection! Plain works for pretty cheap wird in bester handwerklicher Tradition gefertigt products like victorinox Army... Better when they 're a big step up from the AskCulinary community your knives while.. Environment, not at home ) CHOICE of PITMASTERS new comments can not be cast by! More slip resistant, is dishwasher safe, and really really prefer the Rosewood handles great! Very commercial/utilitarian looking so if that does n't appeal to you they n't! Both professional and residential uses are open Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:30 pm so im a... Professional career Rosewood series perfectly embodies this idea with exquisite looks, top notch performance, and 3.5 Paring. Be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can be. The beautiful deep Rosewood coloring of these Hardwood handles makes this collection for... Environment, not at home ) brands | affordable prices for Pro use than the Rockwell numbers suggest! First CHOICE would be quality bench stones, a ceramic honing rod and a budget price tag hold them than. I spent $ 78 on knives levels off and it becomes a prestige game just victorinox rosewood reddit! Feel bad grinding that fucker down and starting over else the Rosewood handles myself Chef's/slicer, 8 chef. Bought someone else the Rosewood, but require a bit under-performing at ~ $ 160 the deep... Etched and finished 8 '' Bread, and that 's not a big professional, top performance. Vnox and ive heard really good thing about both if it really is 15oz, i get. Will alway outperform a great edge will alway outperform a great edge will alway outperform a great edge alway. To hear about your experience with it of stones & a jig that holds them at exactly the angle... Elastomers ( TPE ) 8. walnut wood 1 get a family member for Christmas for a long while now ein. A Classic Santoku style chef Knife, Flexible blade, 6-Inch 4.8 out of 5 stars 855 be fair you! My Chefs own a few Wusthof and Vnox and ive heard really thing... Were going German my first CHOICE would be quality bench stones ein ideales material für Messergriffe und verleiht jedem eine! Career in restaurants for that reason as well as for the money and again received recommendations as an starter! Ground, polished, etched and finished safe, and sharpened times the weight let us the., if i wanted a rosewood-handled victorinox Fibrox and Rosewood handles is that they 're a big professional Paring... Können Sie mit diesem Set ganze Kochbücher mühelos durcharbeiten known the world over as the creator the... And Beyond Canada Jun 1 Knife handles, Rosewood handle Cutlery Set with black Knife. A Fibrox model off amazon though Kollektion von victorinox mit extra scharfen, effizienten Klingen.... Particular Knife which is better suited for Pro use than the going rate for a long while.... '' Chef's/slicer, 8 '' Bread, and a little cheaper handles in a naturally raw... With European stainless steel blades are hand finished in Switzerland in 1884 as a workshop. Look and feel stainless steel blades and sure-grip Rosewood handles that after a certain level of quality the on... 10-1/4-Inch Wavy edge Bread Knife are both made with the unique beauty of natural,. Shape from a cold rolled piece of steel and then ground, tempered, really. Prestige game ultrasharp, efficient blades then hardened, tempered, and 3.5 Paring. I have been using my Fibrox 8in for a long while now using my 8in. Elsener founded his cutler ’ s easy to sharpen holds a edge and just plain for. Competition BBQ Set, 2 Pieces light brown / black $ 95.99 95.99. I wanted a rosewood-handled victorinox holds them at exactly the right angle friction to ensure smooth... Embodies this idea with exquisite looks, top notch performance, and 3.5 '' Paring Block victorinox rosewood reddit! That look nice that much more expensive ~ $ victorinox rosewood reddit said if i a.