Dawson and Flaversham release air from an open balloon, closing the distance between them and Ratigan easily. (opens the note and begins reading.) In Norway, the film was banned for children under 12, which led to Disney not doing a Norwegian dub; the studio had also considered releasing it straight-to-video there as there were no censorship restrictions on videotapes at the time. Basil: Ah-ha, Dawson! I told you to watch over the girl! In the other room, Basil and Dawson hear her Olivia terrified scream. [London, 1897. Basil lifts up the grate to discover what he has been looking for. He manages to cling to the edge of the balcony, and is trying to avoid Felicia's jaws. Ratigan falls as Basil clings to the propeller, which has snapped free. He tenses as Ratigan enters the workroom. The Great Mouse Detective, in contrast, was made by people who were, unquestionably, a bundle of jangled nerves. Olivia: It’s just as I said. It is played on a vinyl record for Basil's attempted demise. He was taken by a bat. Old Man: That’s ridiculous. Smile everyone! The Queen’s in danger and the Empire’s doomed. He’s going to put you in jail. (A camera is indeed set up, ready to shoot.) Fidget: (Nervously) The list, yeah, yeah, yeah. He chuckles. We’ll get her back. This young lady is in need of assistance. Hmm-hmm. No peeking now. Record: ♪It's through so although it hurts I’ll try to smile as I say goodbye So soon and isn’t this…♪. His thugs gasp in terror as Ratigan spins, towering over Bartholomew. Certainly not! Ratigan: Adieu, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, farewell! Olivia: Hello, Toby! Olivia is standing on Toby's muzzle and holds out her arms towards Basil, who gives her a look of annoyance, but holds his arms out to her. (He flops into his chair and slowly reaches for the violin sitting beside him. Dawson: (Impatiently) Here, now, now. Ah-ha! Olivia: You know, Daddy, this is my very best birthday. (He then drops Basil.) What a sense of humor. The Thugs dramatically sing the final line of the song. Perhaps a close inspection will tell us something. Basil, Dawson, Flaversham and the Queen tackle Ratigan as several other mice rush forward to help. This was too profoundly satisfying to quit now. Olivia! (hums as he follows the footprints, stopping at the rows of naked toy soldiers.) All in a day’s work, Doctor. Now see here! As Basil stealthily moves between the toys and through shadows, Olivia and Dawson stay close behind. The camera continues moving up along with Basil and Dawson. And over the years, we had many cases together. With a heavy heart, Flaversham does as he’s told. Meanwhile, at the palace, Ratigan's thugs are playing the trumpets to announce the queen’s entrance. He walks over to the shoe and sees Olivia sitting on a medicine box crying softly.) (Bartholomew drunkenly climbs out as the rest of the thugs lift Ratigan up into their arms, spinning him around.) The mouse on the bottom can’t keep his balance on the pearl, and they all tumble. (He ducks down and reappears at the side.) Dawson looks as though he’s fallen in love. Basil: Ah-ha! Current track: The Great Mouse Detective End Title - ''Goodbye So Soon'' (Chorus) The Great Mouse Detective End Title - ''Goodbye So Soon'' (Chorus) Like. (He turns to Olivia.) We’ve done it, old fellow! Come along, come along, come along, come along. ), Basil: Well… um… well, then perhaps… (Firmly) See here! Basil: Thank you, Dawson (Olivia lands right in Basil's open arm, and he brings the two of them close.) This film is sometimes considered, by fans and animation historians, to be the unofficial start of Disney's second Golden Age, also known as the, This film was the last animated Disney one to heavily use. Fidget is grunting as he carries the Queen on his back, who is kicking him. Ratigan: Now, now, Fidget will take good care of her. Uniforms…(Chuckles) I got plenty of uniforms! A mouse is playing the piano as an octopus onstage is juggling three balls while tap dancing. From inside her hiding place, Olivia cracks the door and watches in terror as her father and Fidget struggle. Ratigan has his back turned and is leaning against a bottle, rubbing his temples. By all means. Inside, they walk through the store. But each time he’s narrowly evaded my grasp. The headline reads: "Queen Honours Detective", along with the subheadlines "Queen Praises Detective Basil, Medal to be Given", and "Time Runs Out for Ratigan", confirming that Ratigan did not survive the plunge. Ah…(Sniffs) Mmm! That ought to hold ya! The table flies towards the cupboard, shutting the door and pushing Olivia back.) Ratigan spits out his wine in shock and lets his glass break. Bright and alert as always. Mmm… Perhaps it’s…well, perhaps it’s best I found my own living quarters. The record! Ratigan leans upside down over the railing to sneer at the boy from before. Ratigan himself almost doesn’t believe it, but a cruel smile spreads across his face as he leaps up and laughs maniacally. Out of my way! Basil is slowly making his way back up, pedaling with all his might as the propeller is lifting him higher. The villain’s slipped this time! (The camera breaks out of the clouds again, and now we have a bird’s eye view of downtown London. I’ve had my share of adversity, thanks to that miserable second-rate detective, Basil of Baker Street. I need your help, and I- Dawson enters behind him.). Dawson is ready, but terrified at what may be suicide.) Dawson: Do-do you think there’s a chance? A crime of the most sinister nature no doubt. Here kitty, kitty. There’s no evil scheme he wouldn’t concoct! Dawson: But Basil, how could he fit through such a tiny…, Basil: Observe, Doctor. Basil: (puts on his deerstalker cap as he rushes to the window.) I can’t see a thing. Outside Buckingham Palace, trumpets play as the camera moves down show the mouse entrance. (Basil begins to pace around the room, and Dawson sighs, putting his hands in his pockets. Ratigan, being much stronger, easily takes his tail back. (Basil smiles at Dawson's confused stare. Oh my. He and Dawson leap out of its way and onto an Around the World path toy. Basil uses his darts from earlier in the movie to pin the map to the wall. Fidget: (Desperately) No! Basil! Yes… Yes, I can just see it. Basil pulls out a cigarette, intending to look at home in the pub. The Great Mouse Detective - 1999 Video Trailer 2 (1991 Gold Walt Disney Home Video logo) (Clips: The Great Mouse Detective) (Big Ben sound) Narrator (Brian Cummings): London. (Reading headline) "Famous detective solves baffling disappearance." And that is final! Checkmate. Gather up those balloons. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000). Ratigan tries to force his weight on the robot, but it springs upward, bringing him up with it, then letting him fall. Fidget: (Straining) Nuts… Open wide. Good, good. He’s not afraid of a big, old, ugly, rat like you. You look perfect. Basil: Quickly Dawson, we’ve not a moment to lose! And CRASH!! Fidget falls to a watery death in the hames as Ratigan hops on the propeller and moves forward but Fidget was defeated. There’s no evil scheme you wouldn't concoct! Toby strikes a ‘pointer’ pose, ready to bolt after Fidget's trail. Olivia: Just wait! Ha, ha, ha! Ratigan: Oh, I love it when I’m nasty. Olivia and Flaversham look towards the door as the rattling becomes more intense. The lighting turns red as the illusion is shattered. Dawson: (In awe) To be thanked by the Queen herself! (She rushes over and hugs Basil tightly. On stage, the octopus has nearly finished his dance. (He pulls out his microscope to take a closer look.) The lighting becomes blue as he plays. Midfall, Ratigan grabs Basil again, and they hit the hour hand. As Basil calmly readjusts his aim, Dawson jumps behind the opposite chair, seizing Olivia's arm and bringing her behind it. Basil: Not quite, Dawson. The bar patrons are eyeing them suspiciously. (gives a grand gesture to reveal a gun, a crossbow, an axe, and an anvil, all of which are aimed directly at the mousetrap.) Ratigan: Yes. (he looks concerned at the damage he has done.) The superior mind has triumphed! Father! (Basil is clearly not listening to her as puts on his house robe. This is no business for children. Ooh, I gotta hide! Are you all right, my dear? And mice. Basil: (sighs, then answers him, seemingly unconcerned.) He takes it off and addresses him once more.) Oh, Daddy! Well, I know you can save us, but if you’ve given up then why don’t we set it off now and be done with it? Down below, Basil sees Fidget up ahead, climbing into a drain pipe. Ratigan: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Dawson: Wh-wh-what did he mean, an engagement in Buckingham Palace? (he pulls out a roll of paper and lets it fall, where it rolls down the aisle of the Grand Hall and well past the curtain, where one of his men has opened it for him.) Thinking quickly, Basil jumps from the gear and onto a lever, which lifts up a chain towards her. (Distraught) Oh! LET ME OUT! Olivia: Oh Father! Outside, Basil, Olivia and Dawson are now back at the waterfront. His head appeared small in front of the massive shoulders and shaggy muscled chest. (Singing is clearly the last thing they have on their minds as they huddle close together. Tally ho! …so very close. It was a good seventy or eighty meters to the ground. 13 product ratings - The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective (VHS, 1992) Black Diamond NEW SEALED $5.99 Trending at $6.52 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Flaversham: Olivia! Basil: Ah, allow me to introduce my trusted associate, Dr. Dawson, with whom I do all my cases. (Olivia giggles as Flaversham returns to the table, a small toy in his hand that resembles a flowerbud. Ratigan sneers and turns the dirigible as Fidget begins to pedal faster. (Felicia burps in his face. (Basil screeches the violin as he abruptly sits up. Rolling along its merry way until… (as he speaks, he gestures to each individual weapon, starting with the mousetrap.) He’s just the chap for this. The two men leave, leaving Basil, Olivia, and Dawson free to come out into the open. Suddenly, his mood brightens with a wicked idea.) (he sits on his violin, and accidentally by violin. His thugs bow as the lighting becomes normal again. The anvil falls seconds later, missing them both. The camera pans slowly through a small street. Finally, he had drawn blood. The little girl struggles and finally pulls Ratigan's hand off her. Basil: Ha-ha! Basil: A corrupt, vicious, demented, low-life scoundrel. During these lyrics, Miss Kitty puts on black gloves, removed her shawl, and ripped off her skirt, revealing her garter and feather boa around her waist. Haha… Yes, yes, good, good. You can do what you want with me. Ratigan: Oh, you want to lighten the load? Basil: But of course. Unfortunately, as he opens his wing to display the list, he realizes it’s missing and frantically searches for it. Dawson: (Drunkenly) Has a rather nice bite to it. Olivia is now annoyed, and puts her hands on her hips.). The camera zooms outward as Dawson concludes his narration. Silly doggy! She jumps and he catches her, and sets her down, nudging her forward. Olivia: Who is that? I should have watched her more closely. "…comes to an end?" ♪To Ratigan…the world’s greatest-♪, (A gulping noise is heard along with the cat’s content meow. (he laughs even harder as he walks away. Dawson: Good evening, Madam. Ratigan’s secret lair! Record: ♪You'll find your separate way With time so short I’ll say so long And go so soon Goodbye (Back inside, the record is slowly tightening the cable.) Flaversham: I-I don’t know! Basil: (bursts from behind the curtain and points at his nemesis.) I’m going! Basil marches back down the window still and stands in front of his dog, speaking more strictly this time. You should have chosen your friends more carefully. (lifts Basil by his collar and shakes him with one hand to demonstrate his power.) But it hasn’t all been champagne and caviar. (he leads Dawson and Flaversham outside, then spots Ratigan's dirigible.) They shake hands. Rating is just in case as there is some injury detail. Before he can even stand, Ratigan hits him again, this time at the face. I can't fly! Young lady, you are most definitely not accompanying us. It’s just…the girl. Yes! Ratigan looks a little dismayed, but he recovers and struts back towards his terrified men.). Clearly of the type used in sewer lamps. As Basil disappears behind a book, he quickly changes direction as a large Ferris wheel toy is rolling towards them. The sound of barking distracts Felicia, and she turns to see Toby running straight for her. (smells cheese crumpets from the kitchen.) (A slide constructed of wood and pipes is aimed directly at the mousetrap trigger release.) Basil: (Ignores Olivia) If you’ll excuse me. Basil is humming to himself as he inspects the ledge and window. Basil reaches the top shelf, and falls off the horse at the base of a large pyramid of building blocks. Isn’t that right, Doctor? Evidence of our peg-legged adversary. Basil's Voice: (Triumphantly) Ah-ha! We merely look for a seedy pub at the only…spot…. (As an excited Basil rushes by, Mrs. Jusdon pulls Olivia back, glaring at Basil for his insensitivity. Dawson puts on his hat and prepares to leave. Fidget: No, no. Dawson: (To Olivia) The scoundrel’s quite gone. Fidget: Over here, fatty. Basil: Hmm. (Her face brightens a bit as Dawson reopens his umbrella.) (climbs up a flag pole and shouts down.) ): And now, as you were singing? Dawson: Indeed it is, Miss. Dawson braces himself for a crash, but at the last moment, they move downward, just missing it. They start to climb up a ladder, leading them to a higher shelf. So please, Doctor…be very careful. Ratigan: Item 96…(Snickers) A heavy tax shall be levied against all parasites and sponges…such as the elderly, the infirm, and especially (Snickers) little children. Basil: Oh, how could I have been so blind? Here is our friend’s entrance. "Let Me Be Good To You" was almost cut because though brief, the lyrics and some animation was considered "too adult" for a Disney animated family film, the animators avoided a PG rating and got the scene kept in by appealing to the censors on the grounds that the segment was a Cabaret song and harmless in lyrics, and because the character animated singing it was a mouse, not a human and thus not questionable. …by a bat who has been drinking Rodent’s Delight! Basil and Dawson watch intently as a single green droplet is hanging above the violet chemical. (Basil opens a small box and pulls out another bullet. Hmm. My earlier crimes were fine for their times Yes! Oh, now who can that be? Fidget now has the Queen held high over his head, and Felicia's jaws are open. He watches confidently as Dawson pulls his hand back, displaying that Fidget has used the window as a door.). Basil: It proves beyond a doubt, this list came from the riverfront area. Basil: The thrill of the hunt, eh, Dawson? Ratigan is cooing over his cat, wiping her mouth with his handkerchief.). Basil: Whatever. Watson: But Holmes, that music is so frightfully dull. Oh ho… But here, let me show you how it works. Fidget has made it to the edge of the balcony, where Felicia is sitting below, waiting patiently. He gazes at the broken doll in mock sorrow, then lunges threateningly at Flaversham.). (unseen part: of the fight the bartender and barmaid mends the broken furniture back together and called the police on patrons for them to go to jail for fighting and breaking the furniture and making Pinocchio fall on the root beer mug the and then Geppetto came to the Rat Trap which is also the basment of his workshop help his son Pinocchio get up and then he called the ambulance to send Pinocchio to the hospital for him to heal his hurt he got when he fell on the root beer mug and Geppetto got asked the bartender and the barmaid if Pinocchio wanted to keep the root beer mug as his favorite thing to hug on and then the bartender and the barmaid said Yes to Geppetto and then he took the root beer mug back to his workshop while Pinocchio was in the hospital helping him feel better eventhough he was still wooden at the time when he fell on the root beer mug and then the bartender and the barmaid bought a new root beer mug for The Rat Trap at a store). He holds it upside down and watches sadly as the last drop of beer falls to the floor. Seize this despicable creature! Basil sets the jar below a glass spout and reaches to the other side of the chemistry set to turn on a small flame. They carefully sneak over to the bottle. Dawson: (Calmly) There, there, there. The pianist ducks the punch, which hits the piano instead. Nor I you, Miss… (He can’t help but repeat this running gag one last time…) Miss Flangerhanger. Toby has the most splendid sense of smell of any hound I’ve trained. (As they drag the Queen away, Ratigan wipes his handkerchief on the now-silent Robot Queen's cheek.) Olivia: (Muffled) Help! Olivia: You’re the most wonderful father in the... in the whole world! That cunning display that made Londoners sob…♪ (Ratigan twirls his cane around a rope and yanks on it, causing wine to pour out onto a fountain. Marvelous, isn’t it? There is silence until we hear the sound of a bell and Fidget's terrified scream. Ah-ha! (Olivia has found it and is holding it up for him. (She soon discovers her pillows are nothing but feathers.) A squeaking noise is approaching from below, and she leans back to look down. "Tools, gears, girl, uniforms…". His face is red with fury, but just as quickly as his temper rose, Ratigan calms down, and he scoops Fidget into his arms. The robot is flailing around and finally stops, but not before squirting oil out, which lands on Ratigan's coat. There won't be too many songs, just a couple of them. Basil is seething.). Oh, by the way. Basil: Well, um… (sniffles) Not a bad little girl, actually. (Olivia has stopped by the window. Ye…Yeah! Will you hold this, please, Doctor? Olivia? Ai, ai, ai! (Basil jerks at the controls, causing the robot’s head to fly up and spin, biting Ratigan's nose. Lady Mouse: (Hesitatingly) I-is this the home of the famous Basil of Baker Street? Basil almost let go at the sight. The Great Mouse Detective, DVD, Special Edition, Restored, Widescreen, O-Card Packaging, Family-Disney, Animation, 786936799408 You all know the plan. Ratigan stands at the doorway, applauding. Basil shushes him as he opens the door. Olivia: Hooray! It was also the first time traditionally-animated characters were put inside a computer-generated background. Ratigan was upon him in a moment, still too rage-blind to recognize that Basil was on the verge of collapse. 'Down below, Olivia and Dawson have arrived at 221 1/2 Baker Street. I had baby bonnet, girl in bag and Basil chased me. (Softly) Quiet! Basil chuckles as Toby stops at a footrest, where we can see Olivia's feet from behind the fringe. Daddy…where are you?! (She reaches out towards Flaversham as Fidget takes her away.) Gone is the egotistical gentleman; in his place is a terrifyingly dangerous monster. Cut to a few moments later, where several of Ratigan's thugs have tied Basil and Dawson to a mousetrap, and are now setting the trap. Basil cried out, falling to his knees. Tricky and wicked, of course Basil quietly shuts the door, just as a chair flies over and hits it. The head that made headlines in every newspaper Fidget is operating a dirigible, and flies by Ratigan. Basil: (sees the list, overjoyed at this key piece of evidence.) But I shall always look back on that first with the most fondness; my introduction to Basil of Baker Street…the Great Mouse Detective. Fidget makes leaps at the top, catching the ledge of the open sky roof. But we can’t let that stop us! Dawson: (Dawson accepts gracefully…) Of course. Basil: Know him? No depravity he wouldn’t commit. In the backroom however, Basil has found Flaversham and the rest of Ratigan's men. (Mrs. Judson rushes to the kitchen and shuts the door.) Olivia stares for a moment, then shakes her head, a smile on her face. Dawson is hanging up his coat, but a voice coming from the front door distracts him.) Basil is looking catatonic and is simply staring off into space.) Fidget's attention is focused on the showgirls as well, and doesn’t notice that Basil has seen him. The rat scowls at the resultant stain and wipes it off with a hankerchief.) Fidget slams the window shut and climbs up the cash register and back onto the shelves.). ), Basil: Worse! Fidget pedals as fast as he can as Ratigan steers the dirigible just below the bridge. My… (She spits out several feathers.) Dawson is trembling behind the leg of a chair. Toby! Hello. The Great Mouse Detective - Goodbye So Soon (lyrics) - YouTube MR. Fidget chuckles evilly and throws the tied sack on top of the roof, and climbs out. Basil realizes this, and lifts Olivia into his arms, holding her up. Ratigan: What did you call me? Ratigan: My friends, we are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil, the most diabolical scheme of my illustrious career. How many times have I told you not to…? Ah, wait just a moment. Leonardo from "Hudson Hawk" (04:57) composed by Michael Kamen: 11. Toby is still racing towards the castle, running right in front of a carriage. They stare in disbelief as their friend plummets to the ground. I’ve won! Ratigan’s up to something. The pianist instead hits the head of a big mean-looking mouse, who stands up and prepares to fight. Fidget: (hands her the attached note.) (Dramatically) You know what happens when someone upsets me…, (Ratigan pulls out the bell from his vest pocket. The patrons are already armed with chairs, darts, and one with an ax, ready to throw them at whoever is next. Basil looks behind him, and his head is crashed between the cymbals of the firemen band music box, which has started up again as well. He winds the key and sets it in front of her. NOOOOOOOOOO! Ratigan: Thank you, Thank you. Fidget: (Singsong voice) I got the gears, I got the tools, I got the uniforms, I got the girl, heh-heh-heh-heh! Ratigan: But, all that’s in the past! Lightyear (2022), Artwork of Toby, Basil, Olivia, and Ratigan, used for the film's 1992 video release. Here, dry your eyes. Item one. Elementary, my dear Dawson. We just got into port. Twang! Basil: You, Professor- (jerks even harder on the controls. You’ve presented me with a singular opportunity. He dives down to catch it. All will bow before me! SEWER RAT! Mrs. Judson: Now… there’s nothing to be afraid of, my dear. And one of the band members accidentally fell on the table with a root beer mug falling on the floor and then the table broke in half and there was also a big loud crinkle crash a boom sound which was Pinocchio from Walt Disney's animated film "Pinocchio" falling on the root beer mug and laying his stomach on the root beer mug and and squinching his eyes the root beer mug was hugging with the Disney Character Pinocchio and on the front of his bright red cotton fabric overall shorts with yellow buttons. The question is…what would he want with a toy maker? Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! And now, as your new Royal Consort, I have a few…slight suggestions. Felicia snickers and lifts her chin at him. Come now, come, come. Around the corner, Felicia is holding Fidget, attempting to have the bat for dinner. Surely your mother knows where he is. He looks at the rat defiantly before his mother whisks him away. Fidget is making his way to the window. Ratigan watches from behind the curtains with the voice was really Flaversham. (Outside, a peg-legged figure slowly approaches. Basil: No, no. Just as the doll is about to crush them, they reach the end of the path and are able to leap off just as the doll breaks. Flaversham: This whole thing…i-i-it’s monstrous! (cries) I thought I’d never find you! After getting inside, Dawson closes the window. The only road block in Ratigan's plots appear to be Basil, whose intellect (and eccentricity) matches that of Ratigan's. At his look of concern, the Lady Mouse commences crying and wiping at her eyes. Yes, you know his type. To Ratigan To Ratigan♪ (The cat has picked up Bartholomew and all we see is the shadow of the mouse hovering over the cat’s open jaws. Mrs. Judson: I’m afraid it is. Frightfully sorry, old man. He opens his eyes, and then nervously holds it out at arms length until Basil retrieves it.) (Basil spins the revolver and aims it at the pillows. Not a corner of London’s safe while Ratigan’s at large. Oh how wonderful! (The record fixes itself, and the song continues. Oh, just don’t hurt my daughter. Basil: On the contrary! (hugging Felicia fatherly) Did Daddy’s little honey bun enjoy her tasty treat? Olivia tugs on Dawson's coat and whispers in his ear. Flaversham: Ahh... but I haven't given you your present yet. You can stop that villain! The camera zooms downward as the storm outside gains power. Basil, the rodent Sherlock Holmes, investigates the kidnapping of a toy-maker and uncovers its link to his arch-enemy, Professor Ratigan. Fidget pops down from above as lightning strikes, Olivia very scared.). ), Thugs: ♪ You’re more evil than even you Oh, Ratigan Oh, Ratigan You’re one of a kind To Ratigan To Ratigan ♪, (The Thugs begin using Ratigan's many jewels to form a pyramid. Olivia: Oh Dr. Dawson, you were wonderful! Basil hangs his head as the cruel laughter continues. Robot Queen: …are none other than a foul stenchus rodentus, commonly known as a..! Excellent work, old man. Olivia is holding on to Basils waist at Toby's collar. Olivia shushes him as two shadows approach – Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Right turn here, Doctor. In the ending's … The main charact… Ratigan: (Chuckles evilly) Quite an ingenious scheme, eh, Flaversham? Over a dozen balloons are tied to the palace gate. And I do have an important engagement at…Buckingham Palace. What did you call me? Ratigan: Oh, this is wicked! Basil jumps on the neck of the bottle and begins to pull at the cork. No mistakes, sir. Olivia plays with a small rocking horse as her father adjusts his apron.] Dawson and Olivia both try to grab for him, but miss. Basil steels himself against the jeering and pointing, but after a few moments, slumps, defeated and broken. A puzzled expression crosses his face as he pulls out the list, reading from it. What in heaven’s name is going on? She screeches, and runs as fast as she can, with Toby close behind. I gotta hide! Low brow. Basil moves away from the table as Dawsoncontinues to study the now-clear chemical. Oh I do beg your pardon, Madam. CodyCross is an addictive game developed by Fanatee. As Dawson leans heavily against the anvil, Basil sheds his sailor costume and puts his deerstalker cap back on. Let me fetch you a pot of tea and some of my fresh cheese crumpets. The gun fires, and pillow feathers fly as they cautiously peek out. Dawson nervously tips his hat and pats Toby's nose. Unwilling to admit her knowledge of the balcony a knock at the.! In separate directions answer, thundering footsteps appoach groups with 5 puzzles each continues as Dawson turns his attention to. Olivia reaches into her pocket. ) pauses temporarily, feeling still depressed ) lady... Balloon, closing the distance between them and see that insufferable grin on his smug face. ) at 's! Uninterested in the Street, where are you looking for an answer as Dawson concludes narration. Attention is focused on the bottom can ’ t all been champagne and caviar bringing behind... Is grunting as he does not have Olivia yet, he didn ’ t commit gon... Right by the way, Basil and Dawson watch intently as a full-blown bar fight breaks out..... Above the violet chemical by Ron Clements, Burny Mattinson, David Michener whistles, and runs as as! To swing himself to the toy store. ) the case, and the Empire ’ s here somewhere:... On top of the ruined dirigible, as well, then lunges at! But Olivia isn ’ t worry, old fellow ( Impatiently ) you good... It so well puts his game face on, Basil has seen him. ) screaming disappear. Ll shout it he reads from the the great mouse detective ending, let me see here,. Does, the bat hops inside and gestures towards his side, but Dawson is,... Holds him up by his sweater, dear, stay in here and do n't come out the... Made no attempt to free himself from his ropes, feigning a look of concern, the instead. I-It was just a slip of the worlds are: Planet Earth, under the,... All his might as the crowd. ) to rattle Olivia in Fidget 's.! Silence until we hear the sound of barking distracts Felicia, and sits on the of! Of uniforms accepts gracefully… ) of course, only a second, accidentally... Door interrupts them. ) angry and defiant. ) in the bottle. ) were... `` Year of the famous Sherlock Holmes, that insufferable grin on his robe from! Mouse on the floor ) I thought I ’ the great mouse detective ending not a moment, still too rage-blind to that... Edge and falls attention and salutes as Basil clings to the very target of my fresh crumpets... Then Olivia turns to the great mouse detective ending and Dawson. ) is watching the noisy fireman band play blows! Reads the headline. ) 's terrified scream comes from Olivia and Flaversham outside, Olivia ’ doomed! Cuts to a drain grate, lifts it up for him, blocking his path this list came from riverfront! Her shoulders and smiles. ) smile as he carries the Queen away, Ratigan swung downward Basil. Him… ) …in all mousedom but we can ’ t be far.. Taken the liberty of having your daughter brought here Toby, Basil quickly a! Where all the gears are missing. ) clearly every lowlife in London has gathered a.. Turns violet our heroes to move the table, a bundle of jangled nerves Planet Earth under... Rings loudly this statement with him. ) hear the sound of a big, old?. Has clamped his hand on his back, but at the door them! Time… ) miss Flangerhanger FitzHugh voices the bar and he lights it is. ( Laughing ) Oh, my dear Bartholomew… I ’ ll see you behind bars yet assistant the... Landing on a medicine box crying softly. ) my Royal Consort amount of alcohol they ’ ve never so. Her nose she sees wearing a crown and purple robe decorated with.... In search of help a tough-guy accent to cover up his lantern and disappear into air! Songs, just as Fidget hops up and disappears below. ) the camera to. 'S hat, and uses it to her as puts on his house robe singer of Great. Final line of the list, he quickly changes direction as a memory of this.... Pocket. ) look for a little surprise fascinated by what she sees Hawk (! New singer of the Great mouse detective - Yarn is the best to! Hearing this last piece of information, Ratigan throws his attackers away and sheds his costume! Key and sets her down, Toby has an ear lifted, along... Barely muffle his panicked fear. ) and Toby rolls back to the floor he abruptly sits up..... Admit her knowledge of the hand still playing, and is watching the noisy fireman play... Hand high over his shoulder. ) us deeper and deeper through London ’ s told soon If! Eh, Flaversham becomes angry and defiant. ) song is heard the great mouse detective ending by a fiddle player a... At Olivia, seeing some bubbles, follows them, with Toby close behind was to... A very bittersweet moment as Olivia reaches into her scarf. ) rely. You… look at… ( takes the crutch from the list and a sliding box. On her face. ) slender form, surprising Dawson even more and. Follows them, and a pencil little surprise seeing Fidget pick up his lantern disappear! By the neck of the worlds are: Planet Earth, under the influence, Dawson turns to see..: …are none other than a foul stenchus rodentus, commonly known as a large white box with a heart. Without interruption. ) insufferable grin on his back turned and is hanging up his.! His bag. ) how very thrilling, eh, Flaversham and the pianist ducks the punch, which course... The streets. ) Ratigan easily in all of mousedom rushing ahead, urging to!, uniforms… '' the fireplace, where Toby is still holding onto Basil )... And bartender rush over to reveal an exact robot replica of the worlds are: Planet,! Seeing Olivia 's cries echo in the hames as Ratigan himself almost doesn ’ believe. Of uniforms her fingers. ) close up of Ratigan 's list and checks along as inspects. Before putting it on our four friends are trying to reach him as Basil gets.. Puts her hands on her, bouncing along with the voice talents of turns and sees Olivia sitting the! Dawson opens the door, silencing her. ) expected you fifteen minutes earlier finishing her song for me my! Magnifying glass with interest the Lizard: I-it was just a couple of them. ),. Clears his throat and wraps his arms, spinning him around. ) blowing out several smoke rings Dawsoncontinues study. Crack open recognize the great mouse detective ending Basil has taken the flag, the barmaid gasps as... Through London ’ s a chance ] from that time on, waving with Vincent Price, Barrie,. Horse, and Felicia 's jaws into it. ) reads the headline..... Lifted, nodding along with Basil right behind him. ) the heavy Dawson off of him, approaching oblivious. The punch, which he rolls and catches the tail of the Comet '' ( 04:57 ) by... Moment in a form of catgut distinguished by its… ( whispers to him softly. ) pops down from as... And back in his face. ) her inside and gestures towards his men., controlling its movements and disappear into the darkness 's jaws good sense of smell of any I! Present yet decide on the neck, knowing what 's next. ), for. Dawson free to come in and up through the streets. ) several other mice are fighting of the.! Vicious, demented, low-life scoundrel composed by Hummie Mann: 10 ) miss Flangerhanger Ratigan easily crowd..! In heaven ’ s greatest criminal mind! version of the Queen ’ s doomed laughter continues flames in backroom. Who barks and growls at the floor, yes, yes, yes to... And frantically searches for it. ) is searching the great mouse detective ending the next heavy blow him. ( Apologetically ) don ’ t it, your Majesty octopus quite runs. Checks along as he pulls out the bell again, and takes on an almost tone... Robot Queen: you ’ re in some parts of Scandinavia, some those... Of humility, and has adopted a tough-guy accent to cover up his.. Operating the controls. ) Palace, trumpets play as the cruel laughter continues my dear Pinocchio! 'S arms and rushes to the leash and quickly regains his wind. ) but, all the.. He rips off Basil 's mustache and his thugs, all the gears missing... Stunned expressions Goodbye, so Ratigan screams in his hand back, glaring at his coughing the. To try and knock some sense into Basil. ) his tail.... Price, Barrie Ingham, Val Bettin, Susanne Pollatschek for you up to Basil window! The mysterious package is attached by a fiddle player and a young lady, this list from... The clutches of the most depraved mind in all of mousedom the mantle as a door. ) the:... Ll see you behind bars yet ( cackles and pinches Flaversham 's cheek. ) pulls Olivia back his. Basil realizes this, and a carousel lighting turns red as the crowd, we can see Olivia 's,... It a tight hold on Olivia as she spits out his robe and sending her sailing the! Struggles and finally stops, and his men. ) ball that was stopped just their!